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Meet JetExport

Let your Relativity exports fly

No more endless waiting for exports. JetExport gives users the ability to deploy multiple computers on a single job in order to cut the time to export productions and saved searches to a fraction of what traditional tools can achieve. 


Key Features

01. Speed

JetExport allows for unprecedented speed. By splitting a single export to multiple physical or virtual machines, users can expect turnaround speeds that are multiple times faster than traditional tools. Have a 500k page production that would normally take 4 hours to export? Run it on 5 machines and get it out in under an hour. Have a 1 million+ page second request production that would normally take multiple days? Use JetExport on 10 machines and have it completed the same day!

02. Flexibility

JetExport provides a wide range of options to meet complex production requirements. From the number of files that go into each subfolder to the name of each field in the dat file to the type of image load file to export and much more, JetExport has the flexibility to output to vast array of production specs with minimal to zero post-export manipulation.

03. Consistency

JetExport automatically saves the settings for every job. When it comes time to run VOL002, the user can easily copy the settings from VOL001. When its time for VOL003, copy from VOL002 and so on. This not only makes setting up jobs much easier but is a vital feature to ensure consistency across all volumes in a production series.

04. Efficiency

When post-export manipulation is necessary, JetExport allows the user to start that work much earlier in the process. JetExport first generates the requested image load files. Then it creates the metadata load file. Only after the load files are created does it begin exporting the more time-consuming natives, images and text. Even while files are still being exported, the user can start putting the final touches on a production instead of staring at a progress bar.

05. Resiliency

With JetExport, you never have to start from scratch when the unexpected happens. From temporary network issues to power outages and everything in between, issues out of your control are a fact of life. Because JetExport breaks the work into small batches, recovering from these outages is more manageable. Just reset any batches that were running when the issue came up and you are back on track. Additionally, JetExport has automatic retries at both the file and batch level to keep the work going through any short-lived blip.

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