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Exporting A Production

  1. Open JetExport and Log in using your Relativity username and password. JetExport will go to the New Project – Project tab

  2. (Optional) to use settings from a previous export, select the export to copy setting from the “Copy Previous Job” drop-down.

  3. Enter a unique name for your export in the “Export Name” text box.

  4. Select a Relativity workspace from the Case drop-down.

  5. Select “Production” for the Export Type

  6. Choose the production volume to export in the Production drop-down

  7. Choose an Output Path. Note – to take full advantage of JetExport’s distributed processing capabilities, you should choose a network path that other machines with JetExport have access to.

  8. Choose whether to “Auto Start Local Drone”. Selecting this option will immediately kick off a Drone on the machine you are currently using once the New Project process is done

  9. Select the Settings sub tab. On this tab you can set options that control what and how to export your production set. For more information about the fields on this tab reference the New Project – Settings section here.

  10. Select the Fields sub tab. On this tab you can select which metadata fields to export. For more information about the fields on this tab reference the New Project -Fields section here.

  11. Click “Process”. JetExport will split the work into batches, create all needed subfolders and create the image or lst loadfiles specified in the settings. Once the new project setup process is completed, you will see the message “Export created! You can now start running drones.” Note – if you chose to “Auto Start Local Drone” in step 8) JetExport will automatically switch to the Drone tab and start running a drone on the current project.

  12. Kick off Drones. On a separate machine, Open JetExport and login just like in step 1). Go to the Drone tab and select the project you just created from the drop down. Click Process. The export will start running. Repeat this step on other machines to add more drones to the export. The more drones you run, the faster the production will export.

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